Voting districts

Bekaa II

It is in this constituency, which is supposed to be more or less locked down by the Hariris and their allies, that the Future Movement showed the most vulnerability in 2018 due to the new voting system based on proportional representation.

Covering the Bekaa West-Rachaya districts and with six seats (two Sunni, one Shiite, one Druze, one Maronite, one Greek Orthodox), the constituency was the scene of a classic battle between the Future-PSP list and another March 8 list. In the end, the two lists won equal seats (three for each), but in a symbolic defeat for Hariri, the list close to March 8 came out on top in terms of votes, ahead of its rival by a few hundred.

This year, the political context remains unclear, especially with the exit of the Future Movement. A strong alliance between the Shiite tandem, the FPM and the pro-Syrian Sunnis is not to be ruled out, which could allow these parties to win. In this context, there is already talk of a rapprochement between Deputy Parliament Speaker Elie Ferzli, who has the Greek Orthodox seat, and the Aounists. On the other hand, if such a configuration is confirmed, and unless there is a Sunni mobilization, only the outgoing Joumblattist Wael Bou Faour would be more or less assured of playing his cards right; his score alone in 2018 was almost equal to the electoral threshold. 

Confessional Distribution of Voters

Confessional Distribution of Seats

  • Sunni

  • 2 seats · 33.3%

  • Shiite

  • 1 seat · 16.7%

  • Maronite

  • 1 seat · 16.7%

  • Greek-Orthodox

  • 1 seat · 16.7%

  • Druze

  • 1 seat · 16.7%

6 seats in the district

Political distribution of seats in the outgoing parliament

  • Future movement

  • 2 seats · 33.3%

  • Aoun's group

  • 1 seat · 16.7%

  • Amal Movement

  • 1 seat · 16.7%

  • Progressive Socialist Party

  • 1 seat · 16.7%

  • Linked to March 8

  • 1 seat · 16.7%

The Lists


Formed by Citizens in a State (MMFD)

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  • Farah Riad Kassem

    Shiite Opposition Groups
  • Ghada George Ghanem

    Maronite Opposition Groups
  • Maguy Aref Mhanna

    Druze Opposition Groups
  • Osama Saad Abu Zeid

    Sunni Opposition Groups

Sahlouna Wal Jabal

Formed by local opposition groups aligned with the protest movement

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  • Bahaa El Din Hussein Dallal

    Druze Opposition Groups
  • Hatem Hassane el-Khashen

    Shiite Independents
  • Maggy Badi' Aoun

    Maronite Opposition Groups
  • Sally Fawzy Shamia

    Greek Orthodox Opposition Groups
  • Yasin Ahmed Yasin

    Sunni Opposition Groups

Towards Change

See Candidates
  • Alaeddine Omar Shemali

    Sunni N/A
  • Amer Mohammed Qadoura

    Sunni N/A
  • Chawki Farid Abu Ghosh

    Druze N/A
  • Guita Dawoud Ojeil

    Maronite Kataeb

The National Decision

Supported by PSP and former Future Movement figures

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  • Abbas Mohammed Eidi

    Shiite N/A
  • Ali Mohammed Abu Yassin

    Sunni Others
  • Ghassan Suleiman Skaff

    Greek Orthodox Independents
  • Jihad Melhem Zarzour

    Maronite Independents
  • Mohammed Qassem Qarawi

    Sunni Related to Future
  • Wael Wehbe Abu Faour

    Druze Progressive Socialist Party

Our Bekaa First

Supported by independents
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  • Dany Khater

    Maronite Independents
  • George Abboud

    Greek Orthodox Lebanese Forces and allies
  • Ghinwa Hassin Asaad

    Shiite N/A
  • Khaled Mohammed el-Askar

    Sunni N/A
  • Mohammed Hassin Qadoura

    Sunni N/A

A Better Tomorrow

Supported by pro-Syrian parties

See Candidates
  • Charbel Camille Maroun

    Maronite Free Patriotic Movement
  • Elie Ferzli

    Greek Orthodox Linked to March 8
  • Hassan Abdel Rahim Mrad

    Sunni Linked to March 8
  • Qablan Abdel Moneim Qabalan

    Shiite Amal Movement
  • Tarek Salim Daoud

    Druze Linked to March 8