FIBA Basketball World Cup: Second defeat for Lebanon. FT: Lebanon 73 - Canada 128

What you need to know

Lebanon has lost their second Group H game in the FIBA World Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Final time: Lebanon 73 - Canada 128 

But it's still all to play for: Lebanon still has a chance to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics in the Asian zone. Their final group H game is Tuesday against France,

14:30 Beirut Time

Thank you once again for joining us to follow this live coverage on L'Orient Today. We'll meet again on Tuesday 29th August for Lebanon's final match, and the second Lebanon vs. Diaspora derby, against France - right here, on the L'Orient Today LIVE page.

Despite today's defeat, we wish you all a great day!

14:26 Beirut Time

The next big game is on Tuesday, same time, 12:45 PM (Beirut time) for the last group match against France.

Bad news: the second round is officially out of reach for Lebanon. BUT the chance for the Olympics is still in play, depending on the results of the other four Asian nations in the competition (Jordan, Iran, China, Japan). So this could be a HUGE game for the Cedars.

14:26 Beirut Time

Post-game analysis from L'Orient Today's sport journalist Gabriel Blondel: So, in summary big losses in two matches.

No excuses. The gap between Lebanon and Canada was even more evident today. Final score 73-128. A 55-point difference. Paradoxically, the Lebanese showed a much better face than in the first match and never gave up.

14:21 Beirut Time

It won't make the loss feel any easier, but here are the end-of-game stats:

Two-point field goals made:

- Lebanon: 51%

- Canada: 80%

Three-point field goals made:

- Lebanon: 42%

- Canada: 60%

Omari Spellman was the best Lebanese player in terms of points and rebounds (16 and 3 respectively).

14:18 Beirut Time

The Canadians didn't play the last possession of the game, that's fair play. The players shake hands, it's over: 73-128 (55-point difference).

14:18 Beirut Time

14:17 Beirut Time

:( :( :(

14:15 Beirut Time

In any case, it's beautiful to see the fans continue to celebrate each basket as if the game were still close. Respect.

14:14 Beirut Time

Jad Khalil gets excited after his first basket of the World Cup and misses an open lay-up... 70-126.

14:13 Beirut Time

16 points for Spellman with this new basket and free throw, the top scorer of the match for Lebanon.

Lebanon 70 - Canada 126

14:11 Beirut Time

The Cedars are trying their best to close the gap in the scoreline - but it just ain't happening.

Lebanon 63 - Canada 121

14:08 Beirut Time

Ok, stats time: Two-point field goals made:

- Lebanon: 47%

- Canada: 77%

Three-point field goals made:

- Lebanon: 38%

- Canada: 64%

14:07 Beirut Time

Lebanon 56 - Canada 117

14:06 Beirut Time

6 minutes to go in the final quarter - Lebanon 53 - Canada 110. 

14:04 Beirut Time

New goal: for our Cedars to get back under the 50-point mark. Let's believe! 

14:03 Beirut Time

So...we are with another update to let you know that, alas, Lebanon are still behind... By 60 points.

Lebanon 50 - Canada 110

14:00 Beirut Time

Into the final quarter... Lebanon 50 - Canada 102

13:57 Beirut Time

This game seems to be going in one direction, and not the one we want... Lebanon 48 - Canada 100.

13:55 Beirut Time

Lebanon 48 - Canada 95

13:53 Beirut Time

Another magnificent 3-pointer from Haidar, pushing his personal tally to 11 points! Congratulations, Ali!

Latest: Lebanon 46 - Canada 92

13:52 Beirut Time

Even though we're getting crushed once again, it's worth noting that this time, the Cedars are maintaining a perfect attitude and giving everything they have.

13:50 Beirut Time

SERGIOOOOO - takes Lebanon to 41 - Canada 90. And then another two pointer for the Cedars - 43-90. 

13:49 Beirut Time

Now that was a nice touch by the Cedars.... 36-83. But then a quick return from Canada, 36-85. And now a cheeky reply from Spellman for Lebanon - 38-85.

13:47 Beirut Time

Timeout called by Coach Hajj. We can finally catch our breath for a moment.

To be honest...we feel we need that timeout too.

13:46 Beirut Time

50 points separate us :( :( :( 

13:45 Beirut Time

That jump by Gilgeous-Alexander... he even had to bend down to make his dunk. 33-81...  And then another one from Canada - 33-83

13:43 Beirut Time

We're dangerously close to the 50-point difference mark... 33-77 Canada, strolling through the Lebanese defense.

Lebanon 33 - Canada 79.

13:41 Beirut Time

33-70 77... we don't even have time to write and post messages, it's moving so quickly on the Canadian side.

13:40 Beirut Time

Kaaayyy Zeeeee nails the first 3-pointer of the quarter from the corner! The guitarist is on fire today! 33-68 Canada!

13:39 Beirut Time

Second half, new hope. Yalla Lebnen!

13:38 Beirut Time

And we're off - Lebanon 30 - Canada 66

13:35 Beirut Time

During the half-time pause, let's get you a bit more familiar with Lebanon's coach, who will be needing to work his magic in the next half.

al-Hajj is the first Lebanese to coach Lebanon in a World Cup. The cedars looked very impressive tactically during the Asia cup last year thanks to Hajj’s philosophy of high spirit, good defense and excellent team play. Hajj was hired as the national team’s coach in 2022 right before the Arab cup which Lebanon won for the first time in its history. Hajj is also the Dynamo coach in the Lebanese league which reached the final with this year.

13:33 Beirut Time

So a lot to reflect on at half-time. Definitely a more energetic first half by the Cedars. But that scoreline looks like a challenge for us. 

Don't worry - we're going to be keeping you across the latest action, minute by minute, throughout the second half. 

13:25 Beirut Time

13:23 Beirut Time

Let's not deceive ourselves, the goal now is to do better than France (who lost 65-95 in the first match against the same Canadians) and to stay under the 30-point difference mark... that would be something.

Latest score Lebanon 30 - Canada 66

13:21 Beirut Time

And another one for ZEINOUN... but the Canadians are strolling through the Lebanese paint and scoring way too easily: 28-63 Canada.

13:20 Beirut Time

Lebanon 28 - Canada 63

13:19 Beirut Time

ZEINOOOUUUUN, aka "the guitarist," nails his first 3-pointer, followed by a lay-up from Haidar, bringing the score back to a 30-point difference: 25-55 Canada.

13:19 Beirut Time

Lebanon 25 - Canada 57.

13:16 Beirut Time

Another 3-point basket for the Canadians. The 10th one...

Out of the 53 points, 30 have been scored from beyond the arc.

13:15 Beirut Time

These Canucks are even more ruthless than the Latvians, with already 10 long-range baskets for them, bringing the score to 21-53... it's starting to sting.

13:13 Beirut Time

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13:11 Beirut Time

Analysis: Alright - don't get too worried about this score line just yet. It's worth noting that Lebanon leads with 2 wins to 1 against the Canucks in direct matchups. The most recent one also happened in the World Cup, during the group stage of the 2010 edition: 81-71! (We're holding onto whatever we can). 

13:10 Beirut Time

Hmm... we're not loving that gap in the scoreline that's starting to grow... Lebanon 19 - Canada 43

13:08 Beirut Time

Sergiooooo gets on the scoreboard! The best Lebanese player from the first match brings the score to 15-29... before Bell-Haynes scores another 3-pointer. 15-32 Canada.

But Canada creeping ahead again - Lebanon 15 - Canada 40.

13:06 Beirut Time

Ok we just about had enough time to eat some popcorn during that little pause. Alright, start of the next quarter... Lebanon 15 - Canada 32. 

13:04 Beirut Time

13:03 Beirut Time

The 3-pointers are starting to rain on the Lebanese basket... Bell-Haynes extends the score to 13-29...

13:00 Beirut Time

Great defense by Zeinoun, using his body to draw an offensive foul from the Canadians. The ball goes back to the Lebanese. Still 11-23 Canada.

12:58 Beirut Time

Canada is already finding a lot of open shots from beyond the arc and continues to extend the lead: 11-23 Canada.

12:58 Beirut Time

Omari Spellman scores his first basket of the game from deep space, he's already at 5 points after that beautiful step-back shot: 11-23 Canada.

12:57 Beirut Time

WOWWWW What a shot from the Cedars... Quickly followed by a reply from Canada. Lebanon 11 - Canada 23.

12:55 Beirut Time

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is already on fire. 4 consecutive points for the Thunder's point guard, giving Canada an 8-point lead: 16-8.

12:53 Beirut Time

First time out. Omari seems much more energetic than in the first match as well. However, RJ Barrett's 5 points are helping the Canucks edge ahead, after 5 minutes of play.

12:51 Beirut Time

Very strong start by Lebanon. Much better compared to the first match against Latvia. Wael scores his second basket of the game after a great pick-and-roll play: Lebanon 8 - Canada 12.

12:50 Beirut Time

A reminder of the starting 5... Come on the Cedars!

12:49 Beirut Time

Energetic start to the game - Lebanon 4 - Canada 5

12:47 Beirut Time

Another one from Lebanon, quickly followed by Canada... Lebanon 4 - 3 Canada.

12:47 Beirut Time

That was Arakji who scored the first basket of the match!

12:46 Beirut Time

WOOOO! What a start Lebanon 2 - Canada 0

12:46 Beirut Time

Alright we have our starting five:

- Omar Spellman

- Sergio El Darwich

- Ali Haidar 

- Wael Arakji

- Ali Mezher

12:42 Beirut Time

Let's take advantage of this pre-game moment to go over some technical terms from basketball jargon:

Air ball: a missed shot that doesn't touch the rim or backboard.

Alley-oop: a variation of a slam dunk where a player catches a pass in mid-air and dunks the ball directly into the basket.

"And-one": scoring a basket while being fouled, resulting in one free throw attempt for the attacker.

Brick: slang for a missed shot that doesn't touch the rim but hits only the backboard.

Buzzer beater: a shot taken just before the buzzer sounds, marking the end of a quarter or game.

Screen: an action where a player positions themselves in the path of a defender to obstruct their movement.

Technical foul: a type of foul usually committed when a player or coach violates certain rules that aren't related to physical contact, often occurring after contesting a referee's decision.

Floater: a two-step shot taken from mid-distance to surprise defenders and prevent them from blocking it. It's less accurate than other shots.

"Hack-a-player": a strategy involving intentionally fouling a poor free-throw shooter to force them to take free throws, with the potential for the opposing team to gain possession of the ball. This technique has been used on players like Shaquille O’Neal ("Hack-a-Shaq"), Dennis Rodman, Ben Wallace, and more recently, Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan.

Lay-up: a shot at the basket made by jumping off one foot and using the hand underneath the ball to guide it into the hoop. It's different from a push-up, where the hand is facing the shooter like in a typical shot.

Traveling: a violation when a player who possesses the ball takes more than two steps without dribbling.

Pick and roll: a screen where the player setting the screen "rolls" around their defender to head toward the basket, putting their opponent on their back.

Poster: refers to a dunk performed over a defender. By extension, a player who executes a poster dunk has "posterized" their opponent.

12:40 Beirut Time

To be frank, it's hard to see how Jad el-Hajj's team could manage to compete against the Canadian juggernaut.

The "Road Warriors" (nickname of the Canadian basketball team) have a remarkable lineup of NBA stars, led by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, who made it to the All-NBA team last season.

Not to mention RJ Barrett of the New York Knicks, Kelly Olynyk of the Utah Jazz, or Dillon Brooks of the Houston Rockets. Thankfully, their second-best player, Jamal Murray, a key figure in the Denver Nuggets' title run, got injured during the preparations...

12:36 Beirut Time

All the fans will be hoping that Lebanon can bounce back for this game…with everything that’s been happening in the country, being in the World Cup for the first time since 2010 offers a glimpse of hope for many Cedars fans.

12:34 Beirut Time

Recap on the tournament so far: This is the second game for Lebanon in Group H - also known as ‘the group of death’.

After the heavy defeat in the opening match against Latvia on Friday (109-70), the Cedars are facing a daunting challenge against the "Canucks," who lived up to their status as title contenders by handing a resounding defeat to the French team (95-65). 

12:29 Beirut Time

The game kicks off at 12:45 Beirut time It’s taking place in the Indonesia Arena, Jakarta.

12:28 Beirut Time

Hey everyone and welcome to L’Orient Today’s LIVE coverage of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 - Lebanon vs Canada…Also known as Lebanon vs the diaspora.