A child stands in the rubble of a destroyed building following an Israeli strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Nov. 23, 2023, during the Hamas-Israel war. (Credit: Mohammed Abed/AFP)


Hamas armed-wing calls for escalation 'on all fronts'; southern Lebanon clashes intensify; 12 hours before truce begins: Day 48 of the Hamas-Israel war

What you need to know

Both Israel and Hamas confirmed the four-day truce will start tomorrow, Friday, at 7 a.m. following by the first set of hostages to be released, at 4 p.m.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for 22 attacks on northern Israel so far today, the highest number since the start of the war

An Israeli air strike on Beit Yahoun in southern Lebanon last night killed five Hezbollah members, including the son of Hezbollah parliamentary bloc leader Mohammad Raad.

A US warship patrolling the Red Sea on today intercepted explosive drones launched from a region of Yemen controlled by Houthi rebels.

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21:51 Beirut Time

A Palestinian doctor says at least 27 people were killed and 93 more injured in an Israeli strike on a United Nations school in Gaza, AFP reports.

The strike hit a UN-run school where thousands of displaced Palestinians were sheltering in Jabalia, the largest refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, the doctor at a hospital in the camp said on condition of anonymity.

This is the latest of several Israeli attacks on UN-run schools-turned-shelters in the Gaza Strip in the past two weeks. There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military.

21:13 Beirut Time

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari says that "the state of Lebanon is sovereign, but it bears the actions of Hezbollah" and that Israel is "on high alert in the north and will respond to all sources of fire," according to a video published by al-Arabiya on X.

The Israeli army also says that all army units are working to complete the hostage-prisoner exchange deal.

"We will be working in al-Shifa Hospital and targeting Hamas tunnels after the end of the truce," Hagari added.

21:00 Beirut Time

Western diplomats warn that the southern Gaza Strip is showing early signs of epidemics, mainly in the area where residents of the northern Gaza Strip have been evacuated, Haaretz reports. This comes just days after the World Health Organization also warned of the risk of epidemics in the Gaza Strip in a post on their X account.

At a briefing for a group of European diplomats, representatives of humanitarian organizations active in Gaza were quoted as saying that the number of people seeking medical care for gastrointestinal and dermatological problems is on the rise.

Already on Oct. 24, doctors were reporting epidemics among displaced Gazans, Reuters reported at the time. Practitioners said that patients arriving at hospitals were showing signs of illness caused by overcrowding and poor hygiene.

Humanitarian organizations have repeatedly warned of a health crisis in the overcrowded and besieged Palestinian enclave, which is subject to an Israeli blockade depriving it of electricity, drinking water, food, and fuel.

20:55 Beirut Time

Turkey plans to evacuate some wounded or sick Gazan children on Friday as part of its third round of evacuations, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca says, according to a Reuters report.

Turkey has so far brought 150 people, mostly cancer patients and their companions, from Gaza to continue their treatment. It has also evacuated more than 100 Turks, Turkish Cypriots, and their relatives this week.

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20:17 Beirut Time

Members of a local circus group perform at a school, used as a temporary shelter, in Rafah, southern Gaza, earlier today. (Credit: Mahmud Hams/AFP)

20:13 Beirut Time

Israeli wartime Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz says that Israel "will resume fighting after the truce" and that the fighting "is expected to continue for at least another two months," several local media outlets and Al Jazeera reported.

20:11 Beirut Time

Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi accuses Haaretz of "defeatist and false propaganda" against the state of Israel, proposing sanctions on the outlet, according to reports from Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye, and The Times of Israel.

In a letter addressed to Cabinet Secretary Yossi Fuchs, Karhi suggests some of Haaretz's articles have "crossed the criminal threshold" and calls for the state to stop any advertising deals or commercial relationship with it and to block any outstanding payments from being made. Reuters reported in August that Haaretz had filed for bankruptcy, under the strain of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Israeli Communications Ministry has already shut down the Lebanese al-Mayadeen news channel associated with Hezbollah. Karhi initially threatened to shutter the Qatar-based Al Jazeera, but has withheld from doing so in order not to antagonize the Qatari government as it served as a mediator in hostage negotiations with Hamas, according to reporting by The Times of Israel.

19:53 Beirut Time

An Israeli drone launched a missile on the outskirts of Yaroun, a security source tells our correspondent in the South.

19:53 Beirut Time

 The Hamas government in Gaza says the death toll in the Palestinian territory has reached 14,854 since war began on Oct. 7, AFP reports.

The statement says 6,150 children and 4,000 women are among the dead, with another 36,000 people wounded. The Gaza Health Ministry has previously said it can no longer give exact tolls as intense fighting has prevented bodies from being recovered.

19:25 Beirut Time

The number of premature births has risen by almost a third in Gaza over the past month as mothers suffer growing stress and trauma, British charity Oxfam says.

Juzoor, an Oxfam partner organization supporting hundreds of pregnant women in Gaza, said the number of premature births had risen by 25 to 30 percent in the last month, attributing the rise to difficulties faced by mothers who have had to flee their homes due to bombardment and have suffered stress and trauma.

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19:13 Beirut Time

Al-Qassam Brigades spokesperson Abu Obeida calls for the escalation of confrontation with Israel on all resistance fronts.

"We call for the escalation of confrontation with the occupation throughout the West Bank and on all resistance fronts," says the spokesperson for Hamas' armed wing, in a video address broadcast on Telegram.

This statement comes just 12 hours before the agreed-upon humanitarian pause is scheduled to begin.

18:25 Beirut Time

Since this morning, Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for 22 operations against the Israeli army, the highest number since the start of the war, according to Israeli media. The information was relayed by the Lebanese Shiite party on Telegram.

18:23 Beirut Time

A drone bombed an area near the town of Mhaibib (Marjeyoun district) with a missile, a security source told our correspondent in the South.

According to residents of the area, the bombing targeted the road between Muhaibib and Mais al-Jabal, and a fire broke out at the site of the strike.

18:04 Beirut Time

Hezbollah announces the death of one of its fighters Youssef Karam Jawad from the town of Aita al-Shaab (Bint Jbeil district).

L'Orient Today earlier reported that a person was killed and two others were injured in a recent bombing in Aita al-Shaab.

The bombing targeted a house in which a Hezbollah group was present, a security source tells our correspondent in the south.

18:00 Beirut Time

Palestinians clash with Israeli security forces during a raid at the Balata camp for Palestinian refugees, east of Nablus in the occupied West Bank on Nov. 23, 2023 as violence has escalated in the occupied Palestinian territory amid Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza. (Credit: Zaom Jaafar/AFP)

17:58 Beirut Time

Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan thanks Qatar and Egypt for their work mediating the deal with Israel that will see a four-day truce and hostage-prisoner exchange, during an interview with Al Jazeera.

Hamdan also told Al Jazeera that the two warring parties were supposed to have come to an agreement "more than 10 days ago" but that it was undermined by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But, now that the deal is finalized, he hopes that the four-day pause we go forward without any complications, he added.

He says that while the temporary pause is “good,” the only thing that will "make the Palestinian nation satisfied is the end of the occupation and the end of the Israeli attack on Gaza."

“So when we are talking about a temporary ceasefire, that means, what we have received as the arrangements is good, we accept that, but it is not the end of the road.”

17:48 Beirut Time

A person was killed in Aita al-Shaab (Bint Jbeil district) and two were injured in a recent bombing, security sources tell our correspondent in the South.

L'Orient Today could not confirm the identity of the casualties. However, it is important to note that civilians are reported to have already evacuated the town of Aita al-Shaab.

Moreover, the outskirts of the town of Kfarkila (Marjeyoun district) are being subjected to Israeli artillery shelling, according to residents.

17:18 Beirut Time

A Palestinian boy searches for casualties at the site of an Israeli strike on a house in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. (Credit: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters)

17:14 Beirut Time

Hezbollah announces that it targeted Israeli soldier assembly and deployment points at 4:35 p.m. in the vicinity of the Khazzan Hill site near the Yiftah Barracks "with appropriate weapons," and "achieved direct hits."

At this point, the party has carried out 21 attacks today. This is a record since the beginning of the fighting on October 8.

17:10 Beirut Time

Hezbollah claims responsibility in a statement for targeting at 3:30 p.m. Israeli soldier assembly and deployment points in the vicinity of the Raheb site with "appropriate weapons, and caused direct hits."

Five minutes later, the party targeted assembly and deployment points in the vicinity of the Zarit barracks with a Burkan missile and other points in the vicinity of the Hadab al-Bustan and Birkat Risha sites "with appropriate weapons causing direct hits."

The outskirts of Naqoura and Alma al-Shaab (Sour district) were subjected to artillery shelling, residents told our correspondent in the South.

The Yifthah barracks, opposite to the town of Blida, was targeted, according to a correspondent at Hezbollah news station, al-Manar.

17:05 Beirut Time

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirms that it received the preliminary list of Israeli hostages to be released tomorrow, Haaretz and Reuters both report.

According to the announcement, designated officials are verifying the details of the list and are currently in contact with all the hostages' families.

17:02 Beirut Time

"The truce [between Hamas and Israel] will come into effect on Friday, Nov. 24 at 7 a.m.," confirms the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas's armed wing, in a statement published on Telegram.

According to the statement, "the truce is valid for four days from Friday morning, accompanied by the cessation of all military actions by the al-Qassam Brigades and the Palestinian resistance as well as the Zionist enemy throughout the truce period."

During the truce, "enemy aircraft will cease all air activity over the southern Gaza Strip." However, in Gaza City and the northern part of the Strip, air activity will only be interrupted for six hours a day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Giving some details on the release of the hostages, the press release states that "for every Zionist prisoner released, 3 detained Palestinian women and children will be freed." In total, "50 Zionist prisoners — women and children under the age of 19 — will be released during the 4 days" of the agreement.

In terms of humanitarian aid, the al-Qassam Brigades states that "200 truckloads of relief and medical supplies will be brought into all areas of the Gaza Strip every day." In addition, "every day, four fuel trucks and domestic gas will be introduced into all areas of the Gaza Strip."

16:47 Beirut Time

Regarding the 48 rockets that Hezbollah announced having launched earlier today, the Shiite party releases further comments, saying that this is the first time that such a large number were fired in a single salvo.

According to the statement, the significance of this attack also lies in the geographical "depth" of the intended target, which is not directly on the border with Lebanon.

This attack comes "in response" to Wednesday evening's Israeli strike in Beit Yahoun (Bint Jbeil district), in which the son of Mohammad Raad, head of Hezbollah's parliamentary group, was killed, along with four other Hezbollah fighters.

Several Israeli media outlets also reported that this attack was the "largest" rocket barrage from Lebanon since the start of hostilities between the two belligerents.

16:38 Beirut Time

Hezbollah announces that it killed four Israeli soldiers in a new attack that took place in the village of al-Manara. "After careful monitoring of the entry of four soldiers from an Israeli force into a house in the al-Manara colony at 02:50 p.m. ... [we] targeted them with specially focused guided missiles, which led to the killing of all of them and the destruction of the house above their heads," the party's statement reads.

Meanwhile, a house in Kfarkila (Marjeyoun district) on the road of al-Duhur went up in flames as a result of Israeli bombing, residents in the area tell our correspondent in the south.

Israel's artillery also shelled the outskirts of Shihine, Jibbain and Marwahine (Sour district), a security source told L'Orient Today. Eight shells fell on these areas. In addition, the outskirts of Yaroun (Bint Jbeil district) are also being subjected to artillery shelling, according to residents.

Israeli spokesperson Daniel Hagari says that Israeli warplanes and helicopters attacked "terrorist infrastructures and rocket launch sites of Hezbollah ... in Lebanese territory in response to launches toward [Israeli territory] earlier today."

16:35 Beirut Time

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses the United Nations of being slow to attend to the spiraling humanitarian crisis in Gaza, saying its relief workers had not entered a designated "safe zone" for Palestinian refugees, Reuters reports.

"I have yet to see the effort that I would like to see on the part of the U.N. and international agencies," Netanyahu told the visiting Spanish and Belgian prime ministers, according to a Hebrew-language transcript of the meeting issued by his office. He added that there is no reason for the UN not to be erecting tens of thousands of refugee tents in what he is referring to as a "Gaza safe zone."

The Israeli army has struck several schools run by the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA). Most recently, on Nov. 18, it targeted al-Fakhoura school. UNRWA Chief Philippe Lazzarini made a statement the following day, Nov 19., saying “at least 24 people were reported killed in the strike. Up to 7,000 people were in the school at the time. This is the second time that this school is hit. In less than 24 hours, two UNRWA schools sheltering displaced families were hit in the Gaza Strip ... This is yet another proof that no one, and nowhere is safe in Gaza. Once again, shelters meant to provide safety and protection to civilians have been hit."

16:27 Beirut Time

Flames and smoke rise from an agricultural structure in southern Lebanon's Khiam plain following Israeli bombardment today amid increasing cross-border tensions as fighting continues with Hamas militants in the southern Gaza Strip. (Credit: Hassan Fneich/AFP)

16:25 Beirut Time

BREAKING: Qatar announces that the humanitarian pause in fighting will begin at 7 a.m. Friday morning and that the first batch of civilian hostages will be released from Gaza at 4 p.m., Reuters reports.

Majed Al-Ansari, spokesperson for the Qatar Foreign Ministry, says the list of hostages to be released was received and that once the truce starts, humanitarian aid will flow into the Strip, though it will be "a fraction" of what is needed. He also says that Qatar hopes this temporary truce will turn into a permanent cease-fire, though yesterday, Israeli officials asserted that the fighting would continue "in full force" after the truce ends.

16:08 Beirut Time

Mohammad Raad attends the funeral of his son Abbas Raad today in Jbaa. Abbas was killed by an Israeli strike on the house he was in along with four other members of Hezbollah last night. (Credit: Hussam Chbaro)

16:05 Beirut Time

Sayyed Hashem Safieddine, senior Hezbollah official and Nasrallah's cousin, says that "when [Israeli prime minister Benjamin] Netanyahu reaches a deal, this indicates that he is incapable of liberating his prisoners by force and of eliminating Hamas and the resistance."

Safieddine's comments were made during the funeral for Abbas Raad, the son of Hezbollah's MP Mohammad Raad, who was killed in what Hezbollah says was an Israeli strike on the village of Beit Yahoun in southern Lebanon.

During the funeral, which took place in the town of Jbaa, Safieddine added that "the blood of our martyrs and the sons of our leaders confirms that our resistance and that everything we have and our history are for the sake of Palestine and the people of Gaza."

Finally, he said that "the resistance in our region has proven that it is strong and invincible, and no one can crush it."

Photo credit: Hussam Chbaro

15:54 Beirut Time

Hezbollah announces two attacks which they say took place at 1:50 p.m. and 2:27 p.m. against an Israeli position in the disputed Shebaa Farms and another position facing the southern Lebanon border village of Naqoura and say they "directly hit the target."

15:45 Beirut Time

France says the agreement between Israel and Hamas on the hostage-prisoner exchange and humanitarian pause should go ahead "without further delay," AFP reports.

Paris is also urging "the immediate release of all hostages," says Anne-Claire Legendre, spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry, adding: "We call for the terms of this agreement to be fully respected."

Israel made a truce deal with Hamas but it says no hostages or prisoners are expected to be released until at least Friday.

15:41 Beirut Time

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims in a statement relayed by Hezbollah on Telegram to have "targeted the American occupation base in Syria's Cunico oilfield with a salvo of missiles, and directly hit its targets." This was "in response to the crimes committed by the enemy against our people in Gaza."

15:22 Beirut Time

People carry the coffin of Hezbollah member Abbas Raad, senior Hezbollah figure and member of parliament Mohammad Raad's son, who was killed along with four fighters in what Hezbollah said was an Israeli strike on the village of Beit Yahoun in south Lebanon on Wednesday, during his funeral in the town of Jbaa, southern Lebanon Nov. 23, 2023. (Credit: Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters)

15:08 Beirut Time

The Israeli military confirms that it arrested the director of al-Shifa Hospital, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, in the northern Gaza Strip and was being held for questioning over what Israel says is evidence that the hospital has been used as a Hamas command and control center, AFP reports.

"In the hospital, under his management, there was extensive Hamas terrorist activity," the Israeli military said in a statement.

Allegations that al-Shifa Hospital was being used by Hamas have been a key justification for Israel's bombardment of the medical facility which is supposed to be protected under international law.

14:08 Beirut Time

Palestinians react after an Israeli strike on Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip on Nov. 23, 2023, amid continuing battles between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas. (Credit: Said Khatib/AFP)

13:37 Beirut Time

The Israeli army shelled houses on the outskirts of the south Lebanon border village of Aita al-Shaab, the head of the municipality of the village tells L'Orient Today

Israel hit the village of Houla with two artillery strikes during the funeral of Hezbollah fighter Ahmad Moustafa in the village, the head of the municipality of Houla tells L'Orient Today, adding that the funeral continued nevertheless.

In addition, the Israeli army dropped incendiary bombs on areas around the locality of Alma al-Shaab, reports the official National News Agency.

The Israeli bombardment also targeted the area around the village of Majdel Zoun and Tayr Harfa, according to the state-run NNA. A second strike took place against Majdel Zoun, reports L'Orient Today's correspondent in southern Lebanon.

An Israeli strike was also reported on the outskirts of Labbouneh, local residents told L'Orient Today.

13:27 Beirut Time

In its eleventh statement so far today, Hezbollah says that it targeted Israeli soldiers at noon stationed along the border, facing the southern Lebanese border village of Markaba, and that there were "direct hits" on the target.

13:11 Beirut Time

Israeli artillery shelling hit areas around the villages of Mays el-Jabal, Markaba, Wadi Slouqi, Blida, Aitaroun and Maroun al-Ras, a security source and local residents told L'Orient Today. Some twenty Israeli shells have been fired in the last hour, according to the security source.

A further twelve shells were fired by Israel against the outskirts of the village of Rashaf, according to the Lebanese National News Agency. According to the Israeli army, quoted by Haaretz, "35 rockets and several anti-tank missiles were fired from Lebanon, some of which were intercepted." The Israeli army said it had returned fire.

13:09 Beirut Time

The president of the municipality of Ain Ebel, Imad Lallous, told L'Orient Today, that among the rockets fired from Lebanon towards Israel, four fell on his village. One of the rockets caused "damage" to a two-story house – which was not occupied at the time. Two rockets fell near a scout center and a cemetery. Another rocket failed to explode. According to the NNA, which quoted local residents, these were missiles intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome. No injuries were reported.

12:25 Beirut Time

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron walks inside a damaged building during their visit to Kibbutz Beeri following the Oct. 7 deadly attack by Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in southern Israel, Nov. 23, 2023. (Credit: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters)

12:05 Beirut Time

Hezbollah announces three more attacks which they said two took place at 11 a.m. and one at 11:05 a.m. in which they said they targeted Israeli soldiers in a house in an Israeli village facing the southern Lebanese border village of Houla, an Israeli military brigade facing the southern Lebanese border village of Markaba and another one against two Israeli military brigades facing the south Lebanon border village of Aita al-Shaab.

Israel responded by shelling a number of areas including the outskirts of Houla, residents of the village told L'Orient Today.

12:01 Beirut Time

The UN agency for Palestinians (UNRWA), says that 14,128 people have been killed in Gaza since the start of the war on Oct. 7 with an estimated 74 percent of them being women and children, the agency posted on its X account (formerly Twitter.

UNRWA added that nearly 80 percent of the entire population of Gaza, around 1.7 million people, have been displaced.

11:33 Beirut Time

Hezbollah announces the death of another one of their fighters, Ali Shebib Mohsen, who is from the southern Lebanese village of Haris, raising the death toll among the party to 85 according to our count.

11:18 Beirut Time

Hezbollah announces another attack which they said took place at 10:15 a.m. against an Israeli position in the non-border Israeli village of Kadira with "48 grad rockets" and said they "directly hit the target."

Hezbollah also announces another attack at 9:30 a.m. against an Israeli position facing the south Lebanon border village of Marwahin and said they "directly hit the target."

11:14 Beirut Time

Two houses were hit by rockets in Israel's northern Kibbutz Manara, says the local council head, Haaretz reported.

10:58 Beirut Time

Hezbollah announces their fifth attack of the day which they said took place at 9:15 a.m. targeting an Israeli Merkava tank in an Israeli position facing the southern Lebanese border village of Aita al-Shaab which they said was "directly hit" followed by another attack on an Israeli brigade who came to check the scene. Hezbollah claims they inflicted casualties.

Haaretz quotes an Israeli army source saying that dozens of rockets that were fired into Israel originated from Lebanon.

10:31 Beirut Time

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah met Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian where they discussed the latest developments in Lebanon and Palestine and the "efforts made for the sake of the stopping of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the responsibility of everyone in this historical and critical moment for Palestine and its sacred case and the whole region," according to a statement by Hezbollah released on Thursday morning.

(Photo: Hezbollah press bureau)

10:22 Beirut Time

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron will visit the Middle East on Thursday and meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Britain's Foreign Office said in a statement, Reuters reports, which would make him the third British official to visit Israel since the start of the war on Oct. 7.

The former prime minister, who was appointed to the foreign policy brief last week, met with counterparts from Arab and Islamic countries in London on Wednesday to discuss the Israel-Hamas conflict.

He has welcomed the agreement between the Israeli government and Hamas for a four-day cease-fire, calling it a "crucial step" and urging the parties to deliver the deal in full.

10:17 Beirut Time

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares on Thursday said his country is in favor of a humanitarian cease-fire between Hamas and Israel "in the very short term," Reuters reports.

The existence of a Palestinian state "will be the best guarantee for peace in the Middle East," he said in an interview with Spanish radio station RNE.

He reiterates that Spain is ready to hold a peace conference on the conflict.

10:12 Beirut Time

In two separate statements, Hezbollah takes credit for targeting "a group of Israeli soldiers" that were stationed across from the border village of Dhaira and another group at Jal al-Allam, across from the Lebanese village of Labouneh, at 8:30 am. "with appropriate weapons."

In a third statement, Hezbollah says that it targeted an Israeli military position at Birket Riche, near the village of al-Boustan, also at 8:30 a.m., "with appropriate weapons" and that they caused "direct hits."

Later, in a fourth statement, Hezbollah says that, at 9 a.m., it targeted a group of Israeli soldiers that were deployed at Sa'sa kibbutz, which is not next to the border, using "appropriate weapons," leading to "direct hits."

10:05 Beirut Time

Areas around the southern Lebanese border villages of al-Dhaira, Naqoura, Ramieh, and Qawzah were shelled by the Israeli army, residents of these villages told L'Orient Today.

09:56 Beirut Time

A spokesperson for Hamas in Lebanon, Walid Kilani, told MTV that "despite the opposition of some people to the agreement (on the truce and the release of Hamas and Islamic Jihad hostages), various factors forced Netanyahu to accept it; however, given the unreliability of this adversary, it is important to remain cautious despite the truce" which is due to take place, he said.

09:44 Beirut Time

A woman holding a child flees following an Israeli strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Nov. 23, 2023, amid ongoing battles between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas. (Credit: Mohammed Abed/AFP)

09:39 Beirut Time

The Israeli army, cited by Haaretz, confirms "missile fire from Lebanon." The army says it has “attacked the source of the strikes.”

This morning, alarm sirens sounded in Israel on the border with Lebanon. Haaretz also reported that the Israeli army attacked a Hezbollah observation post near the border on Thursday morning and that on Wednesday night, air defense systems intercepted a missile fired at an Israeli army plane flying over Lebanon. Haaretz specifies that the Israeli army targeted the launch site.

09:28 Beirut Time

A Palestinian official, on Thursday, said that the truce in the Gaza Strip had been postponed due to "last minute" discussions on the "names of Israeli hostages and the terms of their handover" to a third party, reports AFP.

Qatar, in coordination with the Egyptians and the Americans, should announce in the coming hours today” the start time of the truce, he said.

09:26 Beirut Time

The head of Hezbollah's executive council, Hashem Safieddine, on the agreement on the release of the Hamas hostages, asserted that "it is the logic of Hamas that prevails today. It is the Resistance that decides when and how, not Netanyahu or the Americans," says the Hezbollah official on Wednesday at a partisan ceremony.

"We'll see what happens in the next four days, whether the truce is extended or not, but at the end of the day, if Netanyahu and his military leaders could free the hostages by force, they wouldn't have resorted to the agreement," he adds.

09:24 Beirut Time

A security source confirmed to L'Orient Today's correspondent in the South that Israeli artillery fire is currently targeting Aita al-Shaab and the outskirts of Rmaish, Shihine and al-Jibbine.

The president of the municipality of Rmaish, Milad el-Aalam, confirmed "some bombings" around the village.

The president of the municipality of Aita al-Shaab, Mohammad Srour, also confirmed bombings against his village.

Residents of the village of Khiam, for their part, reported bombings around their locality, reports our correspondent.

09:21 Beirut Time

The Israeli army shells areas around the southern Lebanon border villages of Aita al-Shaab, Rmaish, Shihine, and al-Jabine, a security source told L'Orient Today.

09:20 Beirut Time

The Israeli army carried out a total of thirteen drone and airstrikes in southern Lebanon between 9 and 10 p.m., a security source told L'Orient Today. According to the source, one of the strikes killed the son of the head of Hezbollah's parliamentary group, Mohamad Raad, along with four other party members. The strikes at night targeted the outskirts of the villages of Aita al-Shaab, Ramieh, Beit Lif, Marwahine and Beit Yahoun.

Two explosions of unknown origin were heard at around 3 a.m. on Friday in the Saida, Zahrani, and Iqlim al-Touffah areas, residents of the area told L'Orient Today.

09:17 Beirut Time

Last night, an Israeli airstrike struck a building in Beit Yahoun (Bint Jbeil district), killing five Hezbollah members, including the son of Mohammad Raad who leads Hezbollah's bloc in Parliament. 

Five people, including son of the head of Hezbollah's parliamentary group, killed in Israeli strike in southern Lebanon

Five people, including son of the head of Hezbollah's parliamentary group, killed in Israeli strike in southern Lebanon

09:13 Beirut Time
09:12 Beirut Time

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